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Ground Coffee

About Us

A Global & Small-Scale Provider

  • We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards, to produce the best quality cup of coffee for everyone to enjoy. We have been roasting coffee in Portland, Oregon since 2014. We have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience in the coffee industry and continue to expand our practices each and every day. We supply many local friends and communities with a variety of innovative products, created with the greatest degree of precision, passion, and care.

  • We take pride in the coffee, along with the relationships we build every day. We offer the top beans farm to cup with single purchase options. We are CONSTANTLY searching for that special bean so you can have the most quality cup of coffee every day. We will never settle for less than what you guys deserve. THE BEST OF THE BEST! We offer the finest espresso beans, single origin, and decafs.

  • We are proud of our Pacific Northwest heritage. Having been born, raised, and educated here, we are very attached to our roots. Whether it be our time spent on the many ski slopes or down at our famous outdoor markets, cheering for our Mariners, Hops, Seahawks, Blazers, Timbers, Thorns, and Sounders, or hiking our local trails, why would we live anywhere else?! We strive for our high-end seasonal, all northwest roasts to capture the beauty that we love to call home.

  • The coffee industry has started to take the basic food industry model of offering a little less for the same price. We are re-pioneering the 1lbs coffee bag. Most prepackaged coffee is sold in 10oz bags (NOT 16oz.?!) for the same price as a standard 1lbs bag. That's basically an ENTIRE pot gone off the top. We think you deserve every bit of coffee you can get! This is a new frontier for everyone, lets's take this journey together and re-pioneer our delicious land of coffee!

The Team

Where it all started...

Tristan Estridge

CEO & Roastmaster

After working for different groups within the food and beverage industry, many of them in the coffee world, I knew my calling was coffee. I started my coffee journey in 2003, starting as a barista, truly falling in love with everything coffee whenever I went to work. 

The next company I worked for had an actual roaster at one of the locations and that's where I found out I wanted to learn to roast. The science behind roasting was what caught my soul. The way you can change the flavor of coffee with the tiniest variation fascinated me! 

Flash forward a couple of years, a move to Portland, OR and I set out to re-pioneer the coffee industry. Not reinvent the wheel, but to help people grow their love and passion for coffee once again. It's not just the juice that gets us going every day. These beans are special, each one of them. I want to help YOU and anyone else willing to go on this adventure with me, cultivate your passion for this truly unique beverage. 

Join me on this journey and we as a community will be able to do great things both locally and globally.

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