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Coffee Beans from NorthFresh Coffee

About Us

NorthFresh Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Tristan Estridge. Tristan began roasting his own coffee after a decade of working for and being mentored by some of the best roasters in the Seattle area. NorthFresh brings together Tristan's passion for community, family, and coffee. 

Tristan roasts the beans with the care of a scientist in the lab. For the last decade, Tristan has delivered his beautifully roasted coffee throughout the Portland area, to local businesses, at Farmer's Markets, and shipped internationally. We prioritize sourcing coffee beans from ethical and environmentally conscious coffee farms that give back to their own communities.

For the community, by the community.

NorthFresh Coffee Roasters is the epitome of family owned and operated. The dream started over 20 years ago with a group of misfit teens who didn't have a safe place to be themselves. We found our local coffee shop and each other. 

These kids, now adults, are the founding Board Members, employees, investors, advisors, and owner of NorthFresh Coffee Roasters. 

We know our impact is only as good as the footprint we leave behind. We have a talented group of individuals who are committed to leaving our community better than we found it.

NorthFresh Coffee Family
Meet our Team


Tristan at NorthFresh Coffee Roasters

Tristan Estridge

CEO & Roastmaster General

Tristan is a Pacific Northwesterner through and through. While living in the Seattle area at 18 years old he worked as a barista in a small locally owned coffee shop. Working here, he realized he wanted to dedicate his life to the science of making a perfect cup of coffee. Tristan founded NorthFresh Coffee Roasters in 2014 as a way to share his passion for delicious coffee with his community. Tristan brings attention to detail to everything he does and has a knack for creating community. If he isn't serving you coffee, he is roasting beans, researching new farms to work with, or lovingly packaging his products to send to his customers.  He has always dreamt of creating a warm and inclusive space for people to come together. He also wants to educate and employ people who need low-barrier employment.  Personally, he is the proud father of two children who you may find cuddled on the couch or drawing with chalk in front of the shop.  He is dedicated to passing along his knowledge and love for the art of coffee to future generations.

Beckett at NorthFresh


Beckett Bruni


Beckett is originally from outside Philadelphia and has found themselves at home in the Pacific Northwest. They always wanted to work as a barista and got their start at Matines Cafe in Philadelphia, PA. They immediately became completely enamored with the art of making the perfect cup of coffee. Through watching many hours of specialty coffee content on YouTube, attending tastings and cuppings, and training at La Colombe, they refined their skills into consistently crafting a balanced brew. Beckett’s favorite part of working as a barista is having the opportunity to connect with new people! In addition to coffee and food service they have a background in dance and mental health peer support. Creating a relaxed, welcoming community space is a priority to them. They hope to continue to get involved in the Portland dance scene as they settle in. In their free time you can find them dancing, cooking up a storm, strumming on the guitar, or hiking with their dog, Hazel.

Amber at NorthFresh

Amber Bielman


Director of Operations & Human Bean Counter

Amber and Tristan met in the Seattle area at Pegasus Coffee more than 20 years ago. As teens, they spent every day there finding acceptance among their friends and drinking gallons of coffee, while Tristan worked as a barista. As adults, Amber and Tristan found each other both living in Portland. She has supported Tristan's dream since they were kids and is so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the NorthFresh Coffee team.  Amber has a degree in Business Administration with certificates in nonprofit management, accounting, and human resources. At NorthFresh Coffee she feels valued for her experience in business management, event planning, grant writing, marketing, and her deep love for spreadsheets. Amber spent her first years in Portland as an officer on the Board of Directors at Street Roots. She has worked deep within the community with Portland Homeless Family Solutions, Yellow Brick Road, and New Avenues for Youth. She spent a few years working as a para-educator, as well. In 2015 she started her own business and nonprofit to provide childcare to families who typically couldn't access it.  All of these experiences have led Amber to prioritize working with businesses that align with her values and NorthFresh Coffee does just that.  In her spare time she loves swimming with her son, dancing, and laughing with her friends. 

Asiyih at NorthFresh

Asiyih Harrison


Founding Board Member

Asiyih is originally from Oregon and loves her Pacific Northwest roots. Her background is in Licensed Massage Therapy and she is dedicated to the work of healing people. She brings a spirit of connection and comfort to our team. Asiyih and Tristan are partner's in all things and she is the grounding force behind NorthFresh Coffee Roasters. Since 2008 she has worked alongside Tristan as he took NorthFresh Coffee from a dream to reality. Her business acumen laid the groundwork for the expansion to a brick-and-mortar space. She is a founding Advisory Board Member and her background in customer service, her creativity, and her calming nature make her invaluable to our team. She is a wonderful mother to her two children and spends her spare time traveling Oregon with her family.

Louis at NorthFresh

Louis Livingstone 

Founding Board Member/Stakeholder

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Louis cherishes good coffee and small business, and NorthFresh is a perfect marriage of the two. Louis is a small business owner/investor, and going to school to become an educator. Recently married to his best friend, and expecting his first child, Louis is putting down more roots in the area, and can’t wait to see NorthFresh and his first kid grow and thrive together. From helping out at farmers market to assisting with roasting, Louis has had his hands on most moving parts of the business, and through it all he has seen the dedication to quality that Tristan brings to his product. And as a daily drinker of NorthFresh beans, Louis can attest that the quality shines through. Whether it is cold brew in the afternoon, or a shot in the dark to open your eyes in the morning, rest assured the coffee you are drinking has been responsibly sourced, and recently roasted. On the board, Louis works to reach out to potential charitable partners, raising funds for Joe’s Choice, a specialized coffee brand, the proceeds of which will go to a variety of causes. Louis and Tristan originally met while working for a mutual friend, Kyle Hulings, in his food cart, Garden Monsters (Check them out on SE Division and 50th!) where their friendship blossomed. Tristan always had his heart set on being a coffee roaster and Louis supported that idea from the jump. As Tristan grew the business, Louis was able to join the team as a founding board member, an investor, and subsequently a part owner.


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