Flavor profile: Lemonade, Peach Syrup, Jasmine, Thyme




Duromina Cooperative | 329 coffee farmers


Indigenous heirloom cultivars


Goma, Jimma Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia


October – January


1985 – 2100 meters




Fully washed and dried on raised beds


Organic, Rainforest


The Duromina cooperative, which was established in 2010 during the surge of development work pioneered by Technoserve, has risen to the top of the Jimma pantheon. The Jimma zone was traditionally known for its low-grade naturals but in an effort to improve income, farmers with less than 3 acres of land near the town of Agaro established the cooperative and built an ecologically designed wet-mill that uses very little water to process washed coffee. Today more than 320 members deliver their harvested cherries to the Duromina wet-mill where the coffee is carefully hand sorted to remove underripe and damaged cherries before depulping, fermenting and washing the coffee. Then the moisture from the wet beans is reduced to 11 percent on raised beds designed to gently dry coffee with lots of airflow. The results are an unmistakable Limu profile, which won the African Fine Coffees Association's 2012 Taste of Harvest competition. Duromina members have a keen interest in protecting their environment and cultivating coffee in harmony with RFA (Rain Forest Alliance) principles of conserving forest, soil, and water resources. They have also invested in their community through road, clean water, electricity, and school improvement projects.

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